nylas api messages get

Return All Messages


--any_email <any_email>Return emails that have been sent or received from this comma-separated list of email addresses. For example: mail1@mail.com,mail2@mail.com. A maximum of 25 emails may be specified
--bcc <bcc>Return threads containing messages that were BCC'd to this email address, likely sent from the parent account. (Most SMTP gateways remove BCC information.)
--cc <cc>Return threads containing messages that were CC'd to this email address
--display_columns <headers>(optional) A comma separated list of column headers to display for the table output
--filename <filename>Return object with the filename
--from <from>Return threads containing messages sent from this email address
--in <in>This parameter supports the name, display_name, or id of a folder or label. To return drafts, pass in `drafts`
--limit <limit>The number of objects to return. Defaults to 100. If set too high, requests may fail to prevent excessively large response bodies
--not_in <not_in>Filter messages not in a given folder or label. The filter supports the name, display, or ID of a folder or label
--offset <offset>Zero-based offset from default object sorting. See [pagination](/docs/api/#overview--pagintaion) for more information
--received_after <received_after>Return messages received after this unix timestamp
--received_before <received_before>Return messages received before this unix timestamp
--subject <subject>Return threads with a matching literal subject
--thread_id <thread_id>Return messages belonging to a specific thread
--to <to>Return threads containing messages sent to this email address
--view <view>If using Search, only `view=expanded` is supported. See [Views](/docs/api/#overview--views) for more information