netlify deploy

Create a new deploy from the contents of a folder


-a, --auth <auth>Netlify auth token to deploy with
-b, --branch <branch>Serves the same functionality as --alias. Deprecated and will be removed in future versions
-d, --dir <dir>Specify a folder to deploy
-f, --functions <functions>Specify a functions folder to deploy
-m, --message <message>A short message to include in the deploy log
-o, --openOpen site after deploy
-p, --prodDeploy to production
-s, --site <site>A site ID to deploy to
--alias <alias>Specifies the alias for deployment, the string at the beginning of the deploy subdomain
--buildRun build command before deploying
--debugPrint debugging information
--httpProxy <httpProxy>Proxy server address to route requests through
--httpProxyCertificateFilename <httpProxyCertificateFilename>Certificate file to use when connecting using a proxy server
--jsonOutput deployment data as JSON
--prodIfUnlockedDeploy to production if unlocked, create a draft otherwise
--skip-functions-cacheIgnore any functions created as part of a previous `build` or `deploy` commands, forcing them to be bundled again as part of the deployment
--timeout <timeout>Timeout to wait for deployment to finish
triggerTrigger a new build of your site on Netlify without uploading local files