Netlify command line tool


addons:auth, addon:authLogin to add-on provider
addons:config, addon:configConfigure add-on settings
addons:create, addon:createAdd an add-on extension to your site
addons:delete, addon:deleteRemove an add-on extension to your site
addons:list, addon:listList currently installed add-ons for site
apiRun any Netlify API method
build(Beta) Build on your local machine
completion(Beta) Generate shell completion script
completion:generateGenerates completion script
completion:generate:aliasGenerates completion script for alias
deployCreate a new deploy from the contents of a folder
devLocal dev server
dev:execExec command
dev:traceTrace command
env(Beta) Control environment variables for the current site
env:getGet resolved value of specified environment variable (includes netlify.toml)
env:importImport and set environment variables from .env file
env:listLists resolved environment variables for site (includes netlify.toml)
env:setSet value of environment variable
env:unset, env:delete, env:removeUnset an environment variable which removes it from the UI
functions:build, function:buildBuild functions locally
functions:create, function:createCreate a new function locally
functions:invoke, function:triggerTrigger a function while in netlify dev with simulated data, good for testing function calls including Netlify's Event Triggered Functions
functions:list, function:listList functions that exist locally
functions:serve, function:server(Beta) Serve functions locally
initConfigure continuous deployment for a new or existing site. To create a new site without continuous deployment, use `netlify sites:create`
linkLink a local repo or project folder to an existing site on Netlify
lmHandle Netlify Large Media operations
lm:infoShow large media requirements information
lm:install, lm:initConfigures your computer to use Netlify Large Media
lm:setupConfigures your site to use Netlify Large Media
loginLogin to your Netlify account
openOpen settings for the site linked to the current folder
open:adminOpens current site admin UI in Netlify
open:siteOpens current site url in browser
sites:createCreate an empty site (advanced)
sites:deleteDelete a site
sites:listList all sites you have access to
statusPrint status information
status:hooksPrint hook information of the linked site
unlinkUnlink a local folder from a Netlify site
watchWatch for site deploy to finish
helpList available sub-commands


--telemetry-disableOpt out of sharing usage data
--telemetry-enableAllow your usage to help shape development