launchctl <arg>

Interfaces with launchd




bootstrapBootstraps a domain or a service into a domain
bootoutTears down a domain or removes a service from a domain
enableEnables an existing service
disableDisables an existing service
kickstartForces an existing service to start
attachAttach the system's debugger to a service
debugConfigures the next invocation of a service for debugging
killSends a signal to the service instance
blamePrints the reason a service is running
printPrints a description of a domain or service
print-cachePrints information about the service cache
print-disabledPrints which services are disabled
plistPrints a property list embedded in a binary (targets the Info.plist by default)
procinfoPrints port information about a process
hostinfoPrints port information about the host
resolveportResolves a port name from a process to an endpoint in launchd
limitReads or modifies launchd's resource limits
runstatsPrints performance statistics for a service
examineRuns the specified analysis tool against launchd in a non-re-entrant manner
configModifies persistent configuration parameters for launchd domains
dumpstateDumps launchd state to stdout
dumpjpcategoryDumps the jetsam properties category for all services
rebootInitiates a system reboot of the specified type
loadRecommended alternatives: bootstrap | enable. Bootstraps a service or directory of services
unloadRecommended alternatives: bootout | disable. Unloads a service or directory of services
removeUnloads the specified service name
listLists information about services
startStarts the specified service
stopStops the specified service if it is running
setenvSets the specified environment variables for all services within the domain
unsetenvUnsets the specified environment variables for all services within the domain
getenvGets the value of an environment variable from within launchd
bsexecExecute a program in another process' bootstrap context
asuserExecute a program in the bootstrap context of a given user
submitSubmit a basic job from the command line
managerpidPrints the PID of the launchd controlling the session
manageruidPrints the UID of the current launchd session
managernamePrints the name of the current launchd session
errorPrints a description of an error
variantPrints the launchd variant
versionPrints the launchd version
helpPrints the usage for a given subcommand