goreleaser b

Builds the current project


--cleanRemove the dist folder before building
--config, -f <config>Load configuration from file
--deprecatedForce print the deprecation message - tests only
--id <id>
  • Repeatable ♾
--output, -o <output>Copy the binary to the path after the build. Only taken into account when using --single-target and a single id (either with --id or if configuration only has one build)
--parallelism, -p <parallelism>Amount tasks to run concurrently (default: number of CPUs)
--rm-distRemove the dist folder before building
--single-targetBuilds only for current GOOS and GOARCH, regardless of what's set in the configuration file
--skip-beforeSkips global before hooks
--skip-post-hooksSkips all post-build hooks
--skip-validateSkips several sanity checks
--snapshotGenerate an unversioned snapshot build, skipping all validations
--timeout <timeout>Timeout to the entire build process