firebase auth:import <dataFile>

Import users into your Firebase project from a data file(.csv or .json)




--hash-algo <arg>Specify the hash algorithm used in password for these accounts
--hash-key <arg>Specify the key used in hash algorithm
--salt-separator <arg>Specify the salt separator which will be appended to salt when verifying password. only used by SCRYPT now
--rounds <arg>Specify how many rounds for hash calculation
--mem-cost <arg>Specify the memory cost for firebase scrypt, or cpu/memory cost for standard scrypt
--parallelization <arg>Specify the parallelization for standard scrypt
--block-size <arg>Specify the block size (normally is 8) for standard scrypt
--dk-len <arg>Specify derived key length for standard scrypt
--hash-input-order <arg>Specify the order of password and salt. Possible values are SALT_FIRST and PASSWORD_FIRST. MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, HMAC_MD5, HMAC_SHA1, HMAC_SHA256, HMAC_SHA512 support this flag
-h, --helpOutput usage information