appdistribution:distributeUpload a distribution
apps:android:sha:createAdd a SHA certificate hash for a given app id
apps:android:sha:deleteDelete a SHA certificate hash for a given app id
apps:createCreate a new Firebase app
auth:exportExport accounts from your Firebase project into a data file
auth:importImport users into your Firebase project from a data file(.csv or .json)
database:getFetch and print JSON data at the specified path
database:instances:createCreate a realtime database instance
database:instances:listList realtime database instances, optionally filtered by a specified location
database:profileProfile the Realtime Database and generate a usage report
database:pushAdd a new JSON object to a list of data in your Firebase
database:removeRemove data from your Firebase at the specified path
database:setStore JSON data at the specified path via STDIN, arg, or file
database:settings:getStore JSON data at the specified path via STDIN, arg, or file
database:settings:setSet the realtime database setting at path
database:updateUpdate some of the keys for the defined path in your Firebase
deployDeploy code and assets to your Firebase project
emulators:execStart the local Firebase emulators, run a test script, then shut down the emulators
emulators:exportExport data from running emulators
emulators:startStart the local Firebase emulators
experimental:functions:shellLaunch full Node shell with emulated functions
ext:configureConfigure an existing extension instance
ext:infoList all the extensions that are installed in your Firebase project
ext:uninstallUninstall an extension that is installed in your Firebase project by instance ID
ext:updateUpdate an existing extension instance to the latest version
firestore:deleteDelete data from Cloud Firestore
firestore:indexesList indexes in your project's Cloud Firestore database
functions:config:cloneClone environment config from another project
functions:config:getFetch environment config stored at the given path
functions:config:setSet environment config with key=value syntax
functions:logRead logs from deployed functions
functions:shellLaunch full Node shell with emulated functions
helpDisplay help information
hosting:channel:createCreate a Firebase Hosting channel
hosting:channel:deleteDelete a Firebase Hosting channel
hosting:channel:deployDeploy to a specific Firebase Hosting channel
hosting:channel:listList all Firebase Hosting channels for your project
hosting:channel:openOpens the URL for a Firebase Hosting channel
hosting:cloneClone a version from one site to another
hosting:disableStop serving web traffic to your Firebase Hosting site
hosting:sites:createCreate a Firebase Hosting site
hosting:sites:deleteDelete a Firebase Hosting site
hosting:sites:getPrint info about a Firebase Hosting site
hosting:sites:listList Firebase Hosting sites
initSetup a Firebase project in the current directory
loginLog the CLI into Firebase
login:addAuthorize the CLI for an additional account
login:ciGenerate an access token for use in non-interactive environments
login:listList authorized CLI accounts
login:useSet the default account to use for this project directory
logoutLog the CLI out of Firebase
openQuickly open a browser to relevant project resources
projects:addfirebaseAdd Firebase resources to a Google Cloud Platform project
projects:createCreates a new Google Cloud Platform project, then adds Firebase resources to the project
projects:listList all Firebase projects you have access to
remoteconfig:getGet a Firebase project's Remote Config template
remoteconfig:rollbackRoll back a project's published Remote Config template to the one specified by the provided version number
remoteconfig:versions:listGet a list of Remote Config template versions that have been published for a Firebase project
serveStart a local server for your static assets
setup:emulators:databaseDownloads the database emulator
setup:emulators:firestoreDownloads the firestore emulator
setup:emulators:pubsubDownloads the pubsub emulator
setup:emulators:uiDownloads the ui emulator
targetDisplay configured deploy targets for the current project
target:applyApply a deploy target to a resource
target:clearClear all resources from a named resource target
target:removeRemove a resource target
useSet an active Firebase project for your working directory