A CLI for interacting with the Fastly platform


aclManipulate Fastly ACLs (Access Control Lists)
acl-entryManipulate Fastly ACL (Access Control List) entries
auth-tokenManage API tokens for Fastly service users
backendManipulate Fastly service version backends
computeManage Compute@Edge packages
configDisplay the Fastly CLI configuration
dictionaryManipulate Fastly edge dictionaries
dictionary-itemManipulate Fastly edge dictionary items
domainManipulate Fastly service version domains
healthcheckManipulate Fastly service version healthchecks
ip-listList Fastly's public IPs
log-tailTail Compute@Edge logs
loggingManipulate Fastly service version logging endpoints
popsList Fastly datacenters
profileManage user profiles
purgeInvalidate objects in the Fastly cache
serviceManipulate Fastly services
service-versionManipulate Fastly service versions
statsView historical and realtime statistics for a Fastly service
updateUpdate the CLI to the latest version
userManipulate users of the Fastly API and web interface
vclManipulate Fastly service version VCL
versionDisplay version information for the Fastly CLI
whoamiGet information about the currently authenticated account


--helpShow context-sensitive help
--accept-defaultsAccept default options for all interactive prompts apart from Yes/No confirmations
--auto-yesAnswer yes automatically to all Yes/No confirmations. This may suppress security warnings
--non-interactiveDo not prompt for user input - suitable for CI processes. Equivalent to --accept-defaults and --auto-yes
--profile <profile>Switch account profile for single command execution (see also: 'fastly profile switch')
--token <token>Fastly API token (or via FASTLY_API_TOKEN)
--verboseVerbose logging