doppler configs

Manage configs


cloneClone a config
createCreate a config
deleteDelete a config
getGet info for a config
lockLock a config
logsList config audit logs
tokensList a config's service tokens
unlockUnlock a config
updateUpdate a config


--api-host <string>The host address for the Doppler API (default "")
--configuration <string>Config file (default "~/.doppler/.doppler.yaml")
--dashboard-host <string>The host address for the Doppler Dashboard (default "")
--debug <string>Output additional information
--dns-resolver-address <string>Address to use for DNS resolution (default "")
--dns-resolver-proto <string>Protocol to use for DNS resolution (default "udp")
--dns-resolver-timeout <duration>Max dns lookup duration (default 5s)
--enable-dns-resolverBypass the OS's default DNS resolver
--jsonOutput json
--no-check-versionDisable checking for Doppler CLI updates
--no-read-envDo not read config from the environment
--no-timeoutDisable http timeout
  • Dangerous 💥
--print-configOutput active configuration
--scope <string>The directory to scope your config to (default ".")
--silentDisable output of info messages
--timeout <duration>Max http request duration (default 10s)
--token, -t <string>Doppler token
-h, --helpHelp for configs
-p, --project <string>Project (e.g. backend)