The official Doppler CLI


activityGet workplace activity logs
changelogView the CLI's changelog
completionPrint shell completion script
configsManage configs
configureView the config file
environmentsManage environments
feedbackProvide feedback about the Doppler CLI
helpHelp about any command
importImport projects into your Doppler workplace
loginAuthenticate to Doppler
logoutLog out of the CLI
openOpen the Doppler dashboard
projectsManage projects
runRun a command with secrets injected into the environment
secretsManage secrets
settingsGet workplace settings
setupSetup the Doppler CLI for managing secrets
updateUpdate the Doppler CLI


--api-host <string>The host address for the Doppler API (default "")
--configuration <string>Config file (default "~/.doppler/.doppler.yaml")
--dashboard-host <string>The host address for the Doppler Dashboard (default "")
--debug <string>Output additional information
--dns-resolver-address <string>Address to use for DNS resolution (default "")
--dns-resolver-proto <string>Protocol to use for DNS resolution (default "udp")
--dns-resolver-timeout <duration>Max dns lookup duration (default 5s)
--enable-dns-resolverBypass the OS's default DNS resolver
--jsonOutput json
--no-check-versionDisable checking for Doppler CLI updates
--no-read-envDo not read config from the environment
--no-timeoutDisable http timeout
  • Dangerous 💥
--print-configOutput active configuration
--scope <string>The directory to scope your config to (default ".")
--silentDisable output of info messages
--timeout <duration>Max http request duration (default 10s)
--token, -t <string>Doppler token
-h, --helpHelp for doppler
-v, --versionGet the version of the Doppler CLI