The official DigitalOcean command line interface (CLI)


completionConfigure your terminal's shell so that doctl commands autocomplete when you press the TAB key
helpDisplay help about commands
1-clickThe commands under `doctl 1-click` are for interacting with DigitalOcean 1-Click applications
accountThe subcommands of `doctl account` retrieve information about DigitalOcean accounts
appsDisplay commands for working with apps
authDisplay commands for authenticating doctl with an account
balanceDisplay commands for retrieving your account balance
billing-historyDisplay commands for retrieving your billing history
computeDisplay commands that manage infrastructure
databasesDisplay commands that manage databases
invoiceDisplay commands for retrieving invoices for your account
kubernetesDisplays commands to manage Kubernetes clusters and configurations
monitoring[Beta] Display commands to manage monitoring
projectsManage projects and assign resources to them
registryDisplay commands for working with container registries
vpcsDisplay commands that manage VPCs


-h, --helpHelp for doctl
-v, --verboseEnable verbose output
-o, --output <format>Desired output format
--traceShow a log of network activity while performing a command
-c, --configSpecify a custom config file (default "$HOME/config.yaml")
-u, --api-urlOverride default API endpoint
-t, --access-tokenAPI V2 access token
versionShow the current version