deno repl

Read Eval Print Loop


--import-map [import-map]Load import map file
-c, --config [config]Specify the configuration file
--no-check [no-check...]Skip type-checking modules
--check [check...]Type-check modules
-r, --reload [reload...]Reload source code cache (recompile TypeScript)
--lock [lock]Check the specified lock file
--cert [cert]Load certificate authority from PEM encoded file
--inspect [inspect...]Activate inspector on host:port (default:
--inspect-brk [inspect-brk...]Activate inspector on host:port and break at start of user script
--location [location]Value of 'globalThis.location' used by some web APIs
--v8-flags [v8-flags]Set V8 command line options
--seed [seed]Set the random number generator seed
--eval-file [eval-file...]Evaluates the provided file(s) as scripts when the REPL starts. Accepts file paths and URLs
--eval [eval]Evaluates the provided code when the REPL starts
--unsafely-ignore-certificate-errors [unsafely-ignore-certificate-errors...]DANGER: Disables verification of TLS certificates
-L, --log-level [log-level]Set log level
--no-remoteDo not resolve remote modules
--no-configDisable automatic loading of the configuration file
--lock-writeWrite lock file (use with --lock)
--cached-onlyRequire that remote dependencies are already cached
--enable-testing-features-do-not-useINTERNAL: Enable internal features used during integration testing
--compatUNSTABLE: Node compatibility mode
-h, --helpPrint help information
--unstableEnable unstable features and APIs
-q, --quietSuppress diagnostic output