A modern JavaScript and TypeScript runtime


benchRun benchmarks
bundleBundle module and dependencies into single file
cacheCache the dependencies
checkType-check the dependencies
compileUNSTABLE: Compile the script into a self contained executable
completionsGenerate shell completions
coveragePrint coverage reports
docShow documentation for a module
evalEval script
fmtFormat source files
initInitialize a new project
infoShow info about cache or info related to source file
installInstall script as an executable
uninstallUninstall a script previously installed with deno install
lspStart the language server
lintLint source files
replRead Eval Print Loop
runRun a JavaScript or TypeScript program
taskRun a task defined in the configuration file
testRun tests
typesPrint runtime TypeScript declarations
upgradeUpgrade deno executable to given version
vendorVendor remote modules into a local directory
helpPrint this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


-L, --log-level [log-level]Set log level
-h, --helpPrint help information
-V, --versionPrint version information
--unstableEnable unstable features and APIs
-q, --quietSuppress diagnostic output