A secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime


benchRun benchmarks using Deno's built-in bench tool
bundleBundle module and dependencies into a single file
cacheCache and compile remote dependencies, recursively
compileUNSTABLE: Compile the script into a self-contained executable
completionsGenerate shell completions
coveragePrint coverage reports from coverage profiles
docShow documentation for a module
evalEvaluate JavaScript from the command line
fmtAuto-format JavaScript, TypeScript, Markdown, and JSON files
infoShow info about the cache or info related to a source file
installInstall a script as an executable
uninstallUninstalls an executable script in the installation root's bin directory
lintLint JavaScript and TypeScript source code
lspStart the language server
replOpen an interactive read-eval-print loop
runRun a JavaScript or TypeScript program
taskRun a task defined in the configuration file
testRun tests using Deno's built-in test runner
typesPrint Deno's runtime TypeScript declarations
upgradeUpgrade the deno executable
vendorVendor remote modules into a local directory
helpPrint help information for the CLI or a subcommand


  • Persistent ⚖
-L,--log-level <command>
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--versionPrints version information, including TypeScript and V8
-VPrints Deno's version