ddev help

Help about any command


authA collection of authentication commands
cleanRemoves items ddev has created
composerExecutes a composer command within the web container
configCreate or modify a ddev project configuration in the current directory
d, dbg, debugA collection of debugging commands
deleteRemove all project information (including database) for an existing project
desc, st, status, describeGet a detailed description of a running ddev project
., execExecute a shell command in the container for a service. Uses the web service by default
export-dbDump a database to a file or to stdout
getGet/Download a 3rd party add-on (service, provider, etc.)
hostnameManage your hostfile entries
import-dbImport a sql file into the project
import-filesPull the uploaded files directory of an existing project to the default public upload directory of your project
l, ls, listList projects
logsGet the logs from your running services
mutagenCommands for mutagen status and sync, etc
sc, stop-containers, pauseUses 'docker stop' to pause/stop the containers belonging to a project
powerdown, poweroffCompletely stop all projects and containers
pullPull files and database using a configured provider plugin
pushPush files and database using a configured provider plugin
restartRestart a project or several projects
serviceAdd or remove, enable or disable extra services
shareShare project on the internet via ngrok
snapshotCreate a database snapshot for one or more projects
sshStarts a shell session in the container for a service. Uses web service by default
add, startStart a ddev project
remove, rm, stopStop and remove the containers of a project. Does not lose or harm anything unless you add --remove-data
versionPrint ddev version and component versions