chezmoi help

Help about any command


manage, addAdd an existing file, directory, or symlink to the source state
applyUpdate the destination directory to match the target state
archiveGenerate a tar archive of the target state
catPrint the target contents of a file, script, or symlink
cdLaunch a shell in the source directory
chattrChange the attributes of a target in the source state
completionGenerate shell completion code
dataPrint the template data
decryptDecrypt file or standard input
diffPrint the diff between the target state and the destination state
doctorCheck your system for potential problems
dumpGenerate a dump of the target state
editEdit the source state of a target
edit-configEdit the configuration file
encryptEncrypt file or standard input
execute-templateExecute the given template(s)
unmanage, forgetRemove a target from the source state
generateGenerate a file for use with chezmoi
gitRun git in the source directory
ignoredPrint ignored targets
importImport an archive into the source state
initSetup the source directory and update the destination directory to match the target state
licensePrint license
list, managedList the managed entries in the destination directory
mergePerform a three-way merge between the destination state, the source state, and the target state
merge-allPerform a three-way merge for each modified file
purgePurge chezmoi's configuration and data
re-addRe-add modified files
rm, removeRemove a target from the source state and the destination directory
secretInteract with a secret manager
source-pathPrint the source path of a target
stateManipulate the persistent state
statusShow the status of targets
target-pathPrint the target path of a source path
unmanagedList the unmanaged files in the destination directory
updatePull and apply any changes
upgradeUpgrade chezmoi to the latest released version
verifyExit with success if the destination state matches the target state, fail otherwise