cargo publish

Upload a package to the registry


--index <index>Registry index URL to upload the package to
--token <token>Token to use when uploading
--target <target>
  • Repeatable ♾
--target-dir <target-dir>Directory for all generated artifacts
-p, --package <package...>Package to publish
--manifest-path <manifest-path>Path to Cargo.toml
--features <features...>
  • Repeatable ♾
-j, --jobs <jobs>Number of parallel jobs, defaults to # of CPUs
--registry <registry>Registry to publish to
--color <color>Coloring: auto, always, never
--config <config>
  • Repeatable ♾
-Z <unstable-features>
  • Repeatable ♾
-q, --quietDo not print cargo log messages
--no-verifyDon't verify the contents by building them
--allow-dirtyAllow dirty working directories to be packaged
--all-featuresActivate all available features
--no-default-featuresDo not activate the `default` feature
--dry-runPerform all checks without uploading
-h, --helpPrint help information
-v, --verbose
  • Repeatable ♾
--frozenRequire Cargo.lock and cache are up to date
--lockedRequire Cargo.lock is up to date
--offlineRun without accessing the network