aws sqs purge-queue

Deletes the messages in a queue specified by the QueueURL parameter. When you use the PurgeQueue action, you can't retrieve any messages deleted from a queue. The message deletion process takes up to 60 seconds. We recommend waiting for 60 seconds regardless of your queue's size. Messages sent to the queue before you call PurgeQueue might be received but are deleted within the next minute. Messages sent to the queue after you call PurgeQueue might be deleted while the queue is being purged


--queue-url <string>The URL of the queue from which the PurgeQueue action deletes messages. Queue URLs and names are case-sensitive
--cli-input-json <string>Performs service operation based on the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by ``--generate-cli-skeleton``. If other arguments are provided on the command line, the CLI values will override the JSON-provided values. It is not possible to pass arbitrary binary values using a JSON-provided value as the string will be taken literally
--generate-cli-skeleton <string>Prints a JSON skeleton to standard output without sending an API request. If provided with no value or the value ``input``, prints a sample input JSON that can be used as an argument for ``--cli-input-json``. If provided with the value ``output``, it validates the command inputs and returns a sample output JSON for that command