aws emr create-default-roles

Creates the default IAM role EMR_EC2_DefaultRole and EMR_DefaultRole which can be used when creating the cluster using the create-cluster command. The default roles for EMR use managed policies, which are updated automatically to support future EMR functionality. If you do not have a Service Role and Instance Profile variable set for your create-cluster command in the AWS CLI config file, create-default-roles will automatically set the values for these variables with these default roles. If you have already set a value for Service Role or Instance Profile, create-default-roles will not automatically set the defaults for these variables in the AWS CLI config file. You can view settings for variables in the config file using the "aws configure get" command.


--iam-endpoint <string>The IAM endpoint to call for creating the roles. This is optional and should only be specified when a custom endpoint should be called for IAM operations