aws apigateway get-sdk

Generates a client SDK for a RestApi and Stage


--rest-api-id <string>[Required] The string identifier of the associated RestApi
--stage-name <string>[Required] The name of the Stage that the SDK will use
--sdk-type <string>[Required] The language for the generated SDK. Currently java, javascript, android, objectivec (for iOS), swift (for iOS), and ruby are supported
--parameters <map>A string-to-string key-value map of query parameters sdkType-dependent properties of the SDK. For sdkType of objectivec or swift, a parameter named classPrefix is required. For sdkType of android, parameters named groupId, artifactId, artifactVersion, and invokerPackage are required. For sdkType of java, parameters named serviceName and javaPackageName are required
outfile <string>Filename where the content will be saved