aws apigateway get-export

Exports a deployed version of a RestApi in a specified format


--rest-api-id <string>[Required] The string identifier of the associated RestApi
--stage-name <string>[Required] The name of the Stage that will be exported
--export-type <string>[Required] The type of export. Acceptable values are 'oas30' for OpenAPI 3.0.x and 'swagger' for Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0
--parameters <map>A key-value map of query string parameters that specify properties of the export, depending on the requested exportType. For exportType oas30 and swagger, any combination of the following parameters are supported: extensions='integrations' or extensions='apigateway' will export the API with x-amazon-apigateway-integration extensions. extensions='authorizers' will export the API with x-amazon-apigateway-authorizer extensions. postman will export the API with Postman extensions, allowing for import to the Postman tool
--accepts <string>The content-type of the export, for example application/json. Currently application/json and application/yaml are supported for exportType ofoas30 and swagger. This should be specified in the Accept header for direct API requests
outfile <string>Filename where the content will be saved