argo submit <FILE...>

Submit a workflow




--dry-runModify the workflow on the client-side without creating it
--entrypoint <string>Override entrypoint
--from <kind/name>Submit from an existing kind/name E.g. --from=cronwf/hello-world-cwf
--generate-name <string>Override metadata.generateName
-h, --helpHelp for submit
-l, --labels <string>Comma separated labels to apply to the workflow. Will override previous values
--logLog the workflow until it completes
--name <string>Override
--node-field-selector <string>Selector of node to display eg: --node-field-selector phase=abc
-o, --output <string>Output format. One of: name|json|yaml|wide
-p, --parameter <stringArray>Pass an input parameter
-f, --parameter-file <string>Pass a file containing all input parameters
--priority <int32>Workflow priority
--scheduled-time <string>Override the workflow's scheduledTime parameter (useful for backfilling). The time must be RFC3339
--server-dry-runSend request to server with dry-run flag which will modify the workflow without creating it
--serviceaccount <string>Run all pods in the workflow using specified serviceaccount
--status <string>Filter by status (Pending Running Succeeded Skipped Failed Error). Should only be used with --watch
--strictPerform strict workflow validation (default true)
-w, --waitWait for the workflow to complete
--watchWatch the workflow until it completes