argo server

Start the Argo Server


--access-control-allow-origin <string>Set Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in HTTP responses
--allowed-link-protocol <stringArray>Allowed link protocol in configMap. Used if the allowed configMap links protocol are different from http https. Defaults to the environment variable ALLOWED_LINK_PROTOCOL (default [http https])
--api-rate-limit <uint>Set limit per IP for api ratelimiter (default 1000)
--auth-mode <stringArray>API server authentication mode. Any 1 or more length permutation of: client server sso (default [client])
--basehref <string>Value for base href in index.html. Used if the server is running behind reverse proxy under subpath different from /. Defaults to the environment variable BASE_HREF. (default " /")
-b, --browserEnable automatic launching of the browser [local mode]
--configmap <string>Name of K8s configmap to retrieve workflow controller configuration (default "workflow-controller-configmap")
--event-async-dispatchDispatch event async
--event-operation-queue-size <int>How many events operations that can be queued at once (default 16)
--event-worker-count <int>How many event workers to run (default 4)
-h, --helpHelp for server
--hstsWhether or not we should add a HTTP Secure Transport Security header. This only has effect if secure is enabled. (default true)
--log-format <string>The formatter to use for logs. One of: text|json (default "text")
--managed-namespace <string>Namespace that watches default to the installation namespace
--namespacedRun as namespaced mode
-p, --port <string>Port to listen on (default 2746)
--tls-certificate-secret-name <string>The name of a Kubernetes secret that contains the server certificates
--x-frame-options <string>Set X-Frame-Options header in HTTP responses. (default "DENY")