Use Fig with your Team

Fig makes the terminal more collaborative for teams.

Fig helps teams share environments, workflows, completions for CLI tools, docs, and more, right from the terminal. To access your shared data, all you need to do is run the command: fig

For example, here is an autocomplete spec we share internally at Fig:

Create a team

Run fig and click the on the namespace dropdown in the top left corner.

Add / remove people from your team

Run fig, select your team, then go to Settings > Members

How do I add autocomplete for my team's private CLIs/scripts?

Check out our Create Private Autocomplete Specs guide

How do I share dotfiles with my team?

Check out our blog post on how to manage your dotfiles with Fig

Can I do this all using the CLI?


# Create a team
fig team --new apple

# Invite this email to your team
fig team apple add

# More
fig team --help

What next?

Now that you have your team is setup, create a private autocomplete spec guide.