Fig for Teams

Share environments, secrets, workflows, SSH credentials, and more with your team

Fig helps engineering teams collaborate in the shell.

To get started, run fig to open the Fig Dashboard, click the account switcher in the top left, and create a team!

Image of the team members of the Fig team, in the the Fig Dashboard

Common team actions

Additional things you should know

  1. Onboarding new members to a team is as simple as adding them to the account. Team environments, workflow, access, and autocomplete will be accessible to the user instantly!
  2. Our Enterprise Plan offers role based access controls, SAML, SCIM, audit logs and more
  3. Individuals that are part of teams on the Fig Pro 👑 Plan will get access to individual Pro features like Fig AI and Autocomplete in SSH / Docker

What's next

Setup Fig on remote machines so you can collaborate on environments, workflows, and more