Note: After uninstalling, you must also quit all shell sessions to fully remove Fig

fig uninstall

Using the GUI

  1. Run fig settings or click on the ◧ Fig icon in your status bar -> Settings
  2. Go to the My Profile tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom. Under Danger Zone, click Uninstall Fig

The Fig menubar dropdown, showing the "Integrations" sub-menu, and cursor hovering over "Uninstall Fig"


We highly recommend you use the above CLI / GUI method to uninstall. Uninstalling manually is possible, just more work and more error prone.


  1. Remove the shell Integrations from files at the following locations
    • ~/.zshrc
    • ~/.zprofile
    • ~/.bashrc
    • ~/.bash_profile
    • ~/.config/fish/conf.d/
  2. Remove the Fig binary from ~/.local/bin/fig
  3. Remove the ~/.fig folder
  4. Remove the Fig app from /Applications

Optional steps