Account, product, and team configuration

Run fig settings view all your personal and team settings

Fig --help in terminal

What settings can I change?

Fig has a few different types of settings:

  • Personal Settings: Personal profile-related things, like your username, email, or password
  • Product Settings: Usability settings, like autocomplete keybindings, themes, or how dotfiles are synced
  • Team Settings: Team account settings, like the account name and team members

No matter what settings you're changing, you can always find them by running fig then going to the Settings page

How do I update Settings?

We highly recommend you update settings inside the Fig Dashboard. However, if you know what you're doing and want to quickly update settings, you can also use the CLI:

fig settings <key> <value>

e.g. fig settings app.beta true opts you into beta builds of the Fig app.

Hint: Fig's autocomplete is very helpful here!!

Debugging settings

If your settings aren't working, we recommend you run fig doctor. If still not working, run fig restart, and if still not working, please email us:

Have a look in the sidebar for more debugging information!