Fig Dashboard

The Fig Dashboard is the graphical interface for interacting with Fig.

Use it to create scripts & CLI tools, update your dotfiles, change your settings, add members to your team, and more!

To access it, just run fig in your terminal or go to in a browser.

Fig's the Fig Dashboard window open to the landing page, displaying the friendly greeting 'Hello, Brendan!

Go ahead, run fig now and play around!

3 things you need to know about the Fig Dashboard

  1. Organization Switcher: Click here to switch between your personal account and your teams
  2. Products: Each Fig product has its own tab (Dotfiles, Autocomplete, Plugins etc)
  3. Settings: The Settings page contains settings for all your and your team's settings.
Fig Dashboard window with a focus on the sidebar

What's next?

Create a Team so you can collaborate on environments, scripts, and more