Autocomplete in SSH

What's better than local autocomplete? Autocomplete on remote machines.

Fig Autocomplete works seamlessly on remote machines you connect to via SSH

Fig Autocomplete on remote machines connected through SSH

Setup the integration

1. Enable the SSH integration on your local device

fig integrations install ssh

This will add two lines to the end of your ~/.ssh/config.

2. Install Fig on your remote machine

Run the following command after you have SSH'd into your remote machine.

# bash/zsh
source <(curl -Ls

# fish
curl -Ls | bash; and exec fish

Note: If autocomplete doesn't instantly work, you may have to quit your SSH session and then SSH back in.

Other Common Actions

Known Issues

  • Autocomplete currently doesn't work in tmux in remote machines. We believe we will have this ready by late August, 2022
  • Fig currently does not install on older ARM based machines (we are working on compiling for this arch)
  • You may see the Launching Fig... text every time you login. Yes, this is really annoying. We should have fixed this already. Try uninstalling fig (fig uninstall) then re-installing the integration
  • You may only see ../ in folder suggestions rather than your actual folders. This is because you don't have the SSH integration installed locally. To fix this, enable the SSH integration locally by following the steps above.

Questions? Support?

Note: Autocomplete in SSH is currently only available on Fig Pro 👑. Try it free for 14 days.