Autocomplete in SSH

What's better than local autocomplete? Autocomplete on remote machines.

Fig Autocomplete works seamlessly on remote machines you connect to via SSH

Fig Autocomplete on remote machines connected through SSH


1. Enable the SSH integration on your local device

Run the following on your local machine:

fig integrations install ssh

This will add two lines to the end of your ~/.ssh/config.

2. Install Fig on your remote machine

Run the following on your remote machine(s):

curl -fSsL | bash

Now open a new shell (or run exec $0) and Autocomplete should just work!

3. Login

Run fig login to sync your dotfiles, settings, scripts, and more.

4. Run fig doctor to check your setup

There are a couple configs that need to be set up correctly for Fig to work properly. Run fig doctor to check your setup. If you have any issues, please run fig issue to report.

Other Common Actions

Known Issues

If you followed the installation steps above, Fig should just work. If not, please contact us below

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