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Pretty sweet zsh theme

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alt tag

alt tag

Powerline looking zsh theme with rvm prompt, git status and branch, current time, user, hostname, pwd, exit status, root and background job status.

Influenced heavily by agnoster's theme and jeremyFreeAgent's theme


  1. Oh-my-zsh
  2. Your favorite version of Powerline-patched fonts


Disable the right hand side prompt entirely

export ZSH_2000_DISABLE_RIGHT_PROMPT='true'

Disable user@hostname


Disable display of

  1. exit status of your last command
  2. whether or not you are root
  3. whether or not there are background jobs running

by adding

export ZSH_2000_DISABLE_STATUS='true'

Disable git status on top of plain git clean/dirty

export ZSH_2000_DISABLE_GIT_STATUS='true'

Disable RVM prompt

export ZSH_2000_DISABLE_RVM='true'