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Zsh Theme Racotecnic

A ZSH theme based on af-magic and posh-git

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Racó Tècnic ZSH Theme

ZSH theme based on Andy Fleming's theme af-magic and inspired by the posh-git features.



As oh-my-zsh is not accepting more themes right now, you will need to manually download and install the theme in your themes folder.


If you use oh-my-zsh you can do…

# using CURL
curl -L > ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/racotecnic.zsh-theme
# using wget
wget --no-check-certificate -O ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/racotecnic.zsh-theme

After that simply change the ZSH_THEME value to racotecnic:

# ~/.zshrc


If you're using zgen, you can add zgen load elboletaire/zsh-theme-racotecnic to your zgen load list and regenerate init.zsh with zgen save. Zgen will take care of cloning the repository for you automatically.

The Prompt

The prompt is similar to the posh-git prompt with two little differences:

  • The zeros have been removed, in order to give up some space to the term.
  • If you have stashed changes it will appear an asterisk in the right side of the left prompt.

The status summary has the following format:

[{HEAD-name} +A ~B -C !D | +E ~F -G !H ! *]
  • {HEAD-name} is the current branch, or the SHA of a detached HEAD
  • Blue means the branch matches its remote
  • Green means the branch is ahead of its remote (green light to push)
  • Red means the branch is behind its remote
  • Yellow means the branch is both ahead of and behind its remote
  • ABCD represent the index; EFGH represent the working directory
  • + = Added files
  • ~ = Modified files
  • - = Removed files
  • ! = Conflicted files
  • As in git status, index status is dark green and working directory status is dark red
  • The trailing * represents stashed changes
  • The trailing ! means there are untracked files

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