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My modified theme from themes/mgutz.zsh-theme, for oh-my-zsh (zshell). Looks great when using with Solarized color scheme.

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# oh-my-zsh theme

This is my modified theme from themes/mgutz.zsh-theme for oh-my-zsh (zshell) with minimal effort. Looks great when using with Solarized color scheme.




$ git clone
$ cd vinhnx.zsh-theme
$ cp vinhnx.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes

Then open you .zshrc file and change the theme name to vinhnx

Or edit with vim:

$ cd ~/
$ vim .zshrc

Change the line starting with export ZSH_THEME="..." and replace ... with vinhnx

It should look like this in your .zshrc file after editing:

export ZSH_THEME="vinhnx"

hit write & save :wq, then restart zsh and enjoy!


Solarized color sheme can be found here, choose one that suits you, then install it.

I personally use Console2 with Cygwin and Zsh, so I choose the scheme for my console2 which can be found here:

~ Happy hacking! ;)


There's no license or whatever, all I ask is a virtual high-five :hand:

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