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robbyrussell-WIP (ecbrodie)

robbyrussell oh-my-zsh theme, with WIP customizations

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Oh-My-Zsh robbyrussell WIP theme

Use this theme if you love the oh-my-zsh robbyrussell theme like I do, but desire to add output to you shell to indicate whether the latest commit in your git repo is a WIP commit. Useful in preventing these commits from accidentally sneaking into the main branch 😬



From git repo:

git clone --depth 1
mkdir -p $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes
cp PATH/TO/robbyrussell-WIP.zsh-theme $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes

Direct download:

mkdir -p $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes
(cd $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes && curl -O

And then set the theme in your .zshrc:


You could also optionally rename the file to be a drop-in replacement of your existing robbyrussell theme:

mv $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/robbyrussell-WIP.zsh-theme $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/robbyrussell.zsh-theme

Finally, restart your shell to activate the new theme.


Inspiration for this project came from this blog post and the gallois theme it referred to.


MIT LICENSE Copyright (c) Evan Brodie