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Rafiki Zsh

👀👻 A zsh friend to watch over you.

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Rafiki-zsh is a oh-my-zsh theme that adds emojis to your zsh terminal. Rafiki will display a good emoji such as 😄 on your prompt whenever commands run smoothly and bad emojis such as 😡 whenever things go wrong.


Rafiki generates random emojis every time you start up your terminal. It also tells you who your pals are for the session.

To generate a new set just run newrafiki

$ newrafiki

You can also run rafiki to remind yourself your emoji set.

$ rafiki


Rafiki is pretty customizable.

If you prefer to have a constant set of emojis just set your goodemoji and bad emoji in .zshrc as follows.

For good emojis, set $MY_GOOD_RAFIKI to one of the following: fire muscle pointright facepunch smile sunglasses and your bad emoji to one of the following: rollingeyes pouting confused flushed middlefinger worried


Then reload your zsh configuration.

$ source ~/.zshrc

You can also add your own emojis to the supported set. Just add the emoji to one of the arrays; good or bad with the emoji name as the key emoji as the value. For example:

good[100] = 💯


If you've seen the American animated epic musical film: Lion King the name Rafiki will resonate well with you.

Introducing Rafiki



Feel free to contribute, even if it's to add an emoji. 😉 Just fork it 🍴 and raise a pull request.


This projects borrows from Robby Russell's theme. Not forgetting oh-my-zsh itself. 😄