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Pad Zsh Theme

A concise and colorful ZSH theme

4 stars
3 forks


Pad is a simple, concise and beautiful theme for Zsh.



  • Double line prompt with visible divider between commands
  • Highlight of the current workind directory
  • Shortening of long paths that don't fit
  • Version control information using Zsh's vcs_info
  • Printing of error codes if non-zero
  • Subtle printing of command execution time


Pad is made for 256-color shells and works best with the Base 16 Shell Tomorrow Night color scheme.


It is recommended to use a plugin manager or framework for Zsh. Installation instructions for various frameworks can be found here.


Currently, no configuration for the theme itself exists. You can configure the VCS prompt via vcs_info's own options after the theme is loaded.