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Custom theme for ZSH

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VIA theme for ZSH

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This is a theme for ZSH which mainly forks the historical theme used on VIA Centrale Réseaux servers. It can be used with ZSH frameworks such as Oh-My-ZSH.


Oh-My-VIA theme preview

Test oh-my-via easily without installing it with this docker image :

docker run -it --rm badouralix/oh-my-via


VCS caption

Color State Variable
red there are unstaged files OHMYVIA_VCS_COLOR_UNSTAGED
yellow there are staged files OHMYVIA_VCS_COLOR_STAGED
blue there are untracked files OHMYVIA_VCS_COLOR_UNTRACKED
cyan stash stack is not empty OHMYVIA_VCS_COLOR_STASH
green working directory is clean OHMYVIA_VCS_COLOR_CLEAN


Install for Oh-My-ZSH

Oh-My-VIA is available as an external theme for Oh-My-ZSH.

In order to use this theme, you have to clone this repository in your Oh-My-ZSH custom/themes directory ( usually ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes ) :

git clone https://github.com/badouralix/oh-my-via.git $ZSH/custom/themes/oh-my-via

You then need to select this theme in your ~/.zshrc :



Prompt is composed of several widgets that are displayed one after the other.

Date and time

Variable Description Default
OHMYVIA_TIME_COLOR Background and foreground color. %B%F{cyan}
OHMYVIA_TIME_FORMAT Display date and time. %D{%H:%M}

Context ( user and hostname )

Context prompt showing user@hostname.

Variable Description Default
OHMYVIA_CONTEXT_HOSTNAME Display hostname. Set to partial to print up to the first .. Set to empty to hide hostname. full
OHMYVIA_CONTEXT_HOSTNAME_COLOR Hostname background and foreground color. %B%F{white}
OHMYVIA_CONTEXT_SEPARATOR_COLOR @ separator between the user and the hostname background and foreground color. %B%F{yellow}
OHMYVIA_CONTEXT_ROOT_COLOR Root username background and foreground color. %B%F{blue}
OHMYVIA_CONTEXT_USER_COLOR Non-root username background and foreground color. %B%F{red}

Working directory

Variable Description Default
OHMYVIA_DIR_COLOR Background and foreground color. %B%F{green}
OHMYVIA_DIR_SIZE Number of trailing components of the current directory to show. Set to 0 to show the whole path. Set to 1 to show only the current directory. 0

VCS theme

Variable Description Default
OHMYVIA_VCS_THEME Git prompt theme ( see available themes ) default

Unit testing

Oh-My-VIA uses ZUnit as unit testing framework.

To run the tests, just run:

# Directly with zunit
zunit run tests

# Indirectly with act
act --job zunit


Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, all contents licensed under the WTFPL.