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Oh My Git

An opinionated git prompt for bash and zsh

3.6k stars
289 forks

Add git information to your prompt in bash and zsh.

Disabling oh-my-git

oh-my-git can be disabled on a per-repository basis. Just add a

enabled = false

in the .git/config file of a repo to revert to the original prompt for that particular repo. This could be handy when working with very huge repository, when the git commands invoked by oh-my-git can slow down the prompt.

Known bugs and limitations

  • git v1.8.4 or newer is required
  • It works weird on brand new repositories, before the first commit
  • It has been tested on Mac and Ubuntu only. I never managed to make it work on Cygwin
  • Depending on the theme selected, you need an unicode font (like Sauce Code Pro, Menlo or Monaco on Mac OS X, or Monospace on Ubuntu; on Windows, with Cygwin, a good choice is Meslo by André Berg, but I didn't tested the ooppa-lana-style theme)
  • If the Terminal uses a clear background color, in Bash you need to change the colors defined in The zsh version is not affected by this problem.