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Muslim (nksoff)

zsh prompt theme called muslim

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A simple minimal zsh prompt theme.

The screen


  • displays current working directory (sic!)
  • changes terminal title to currrent working directory
  • shows if current user is root (prompt symbol, ❯❯❯ for root, else)
  • shows if latest command executed successfully (by color of prompt symbols )
  • displays username and host (optional, true for ssh shell by default)
  • displays if current working directory is inside git repo
  • displays in git repo:
    1. current branch (or commit hash in detached state)
    2. time since last commit (days, hours, minutes)
    3. if you need to pull (current state is behind remote repo state) with
    4. if you need to push (current state is ahead remote repo state) with
    5. if you have untracked files with
    6. if you have added files with
    7. if you have modified files with
    8. if you have deleted files with
    9. if you have renamed files with
    10. if you have conflicts during merge with !?



Add to your .zshrc:

antigen theme nksoff/muslim muslim


Add to your .zshrc:

zplug "nksoff/muslim"


Add to your .zshrc:

zgen load nksoff/muslim muslim


Add to your .zshrc:

antibody budle nksoff/muslim


Clone repo, copy theme:

git clone
mkdir -p ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes
cp muslim/muslim.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes

Add to your .zshrc:



Clone repo, copy theme:

git clone ~/.zprezto/modules/prompt/external/muslim
ln -s ~/.zprezto/modules/prompt/external/muslim/muslim.zsh-theme ~/.zprezto/modules/prompt/functions/prompt_muslim_setup

Add to your .zpreztorc:

zstyle ':prezto:module:prompt' theme 'muslim'


Surely, if you do not use any plugin managers, you know how to include custom theme.

git clone ~/.muslim
echo 'source ~/.muslim/muslim.zsh-theme' >> ~/.zshrc

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