moonline.zsh provides a modern prompt for zsh

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moonline.zsh provides a modern prompt for zsh.

and moonline.zsh respects lightline.vim's spirit.


default color scheme:

default color scheme

Sprit of this script (inspired by lightline.vim)

  • Minimalism. The core script is very small.
  • Configurability. You can create your own component and easily add to the prompt.
  • Orthogonality. Any plugin (framework) should not change the settings of another plugin. Such plugin-crossing settings should be written by users in .zshrc


TSUKIKAGE Osana (https://github.com/kagamilove0707)


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.


install with the following commands.

git clone https://github.com/kagamilove0707/moonline.zsh.git ~/.moonline
echo "test -f ~/.moonline/moonline.zsh && source ~/.moonline/moonline.zsh && moonline initialize" >> ~/.zshrc
source ~/.zshrc

but this is a one example, you should install moonline.vim to your dotfiles directory.

(or you used antigen, append antigen bundle kagamilove0707/moonline.zsh to .zshrc. however, antigen isn't save my spirit. so, I don't use antigen.)


  • write a tutorial, reference of the configuration and moonline command.
  • create more components.
  • create more color scheme.


  1. fork this repository (https://github.com/kagamilove0707/moonline.zsh/fork)
  2. clone your workspace (git clone https://github.com/<your-name>/moonline.zsh)
  3. checkout a branch (git checkout -b <your-feature>)
  4. commit and push your change (git commit -a "add mY feature" && git push origin <your-feature>)
  5. pull request!

I want to see your contribution!