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A next-generation cd command with your interactive filter

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  • Go to the visited directory in the past
  • Easy to filter, using your favorite filter
  • Work on Bash, Zsh and fish (cross-shell compatibility)
  • Go back to a specific parent directory like zsh-bd
  • Inside a git repo, the first list element is the git root directory
  • Fuzzy search in a similar name directory
  • Support standard input (echo $HOME | cd is acceptable)
  • Custom options (user-defined option is acceptable)


cd command is one of the frequently used commands.

Nevertheless, it is not so easy to handle unfortunately. A directory path given as an argument to cd command must be a valid path that exists and is able to resolve. In other words, you cannot pass a partial path such as "dir" (you are in /home/lisa, dir is /home/lisa/work/dir) to cd command.

The new cd command called "enhancd" enhanced the flexibility and usability for a user. enhancd will memorize all directories visited by a user and use it for the pathname resolution. If the log of enhancd have more than one directory path with the same name, enhancd will pass the candidate directories list to the filter within the ENHANCD_FILTER environment variable in order to narrow it down to one directory.

Thanks to this mechanism, the user can intuitively and easily change the directory you want to go.


  • Fish version
  • Because of how fish piping works, it's not possible to pipe to cd like : ls / | cd

Fuzzy search

You can fuzzy-search a directory name you want to run cd. For example, a word "text" is expand to "test" and "txt".


  • An interactive filter

  • fzy

  • percol

  • peco

  • fzf

  • Choose any one from among these.


The basic usage of the cd command that has been implemented by enhancd is the same as the normal builtin cd command.

$ cd [-|..] <directory>

If no arguments are given, enhancd cd command will display a list of the directory you've visited once, encourage you to filter the directory that you want to move.

$ cd
> /home/lisa
> _

When enhancd takes a hyphen (-) string as an argument, it searchs from the last 10 directory items in the log. With it, you can search easily the directory you used last.

$ cd -
> /home/lisa/src/
> _

Then, since the current directory will be delete from the candidate, you just press Enter key to return to the previous directory after type cd - ($PWD is /home/lisa, $OLDPWD is /home/lisa/src/

From the beginning, .. means the directory's parent directory, that is, the directory that contains it. When enhancd takes a double-dot (..) string as an argument, it behaves like a zsh-bd plugin. In short, you can jump back to a specific directory, without doing cd ../../...

For example, when you are in /home/lisa/src/, type cd .. in your terminal:

$ cd ..
> b4b4r07
> _

When moving to the parent directory, the current directory is removed from the candidate.


The "visual filter" (interactive filter) is what is called "Interactive Grep Tool" according to percol that is a pioneer in interactive selection to the traditional pipe concept on UNIX.