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Auto Ls

zsh plugin for auto-ls

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There are many auto-lss out there but this one is mine.


  • Custom command on cwd/enter-key
  • Auto ls on cwd
  • Auto ls on enter-key (with empty buffer)
  • Git status on a git work tree


You can configure commands in order to execute on cwd/ls, example:

AUTO_LS_COMMANDS=(ls git-status '/usr/bin/git log')
# Or...
AUTO_LS_COMMANDS=(ls git-status '[[ -d $PWD/.git ]] && /usr/bin/git log|head')

You may redefine default functions or define custom functions to be run on cwd/enter-key:

  • Before loading auto-ls define a function to be executed:

    auto-ls-custom_function () { echo "Current directory list:" ls -ltra }

    • Be sure to call it auto-ls-\.
  • Configure auto-ls to load your function. Put the following line before sourcing auto-ls:


  • Only use \ rather than auto-ls-\.

You may as well load the default functions, ls and git-status:

 AUTO_LS_COMMANDS=(ls git-status custom_function)


  • zstyle options to customize ls options
  • zstyle options to customize git status