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A port of Bashmarks (simple bookmarking plugin by Todd Werth) for oh-my-zsh

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A port of Bashmarks (by Todd Werth), a simple command line bookmarking plugin, for oh-my-zsh


  • jump - used to 'jump' (cd) to the given bookmark directory. ~~If the bookmark directory contains a '' file, it will check to see if it's already been sourced, and source the file if necessary.~~ This has been deprecated for security and simplicity. If users need this functionality, the zsh plugin 'autoenv' is a good choice.

    jump 'foo'
  • bookmark - used to create a new bookmark for your current working directory

    cd 'some_dir'
    bookmark 'foo'
  • deletemark - used to delete a bookmark

    deletemark 'foo'
  • showmarks - prints a list of all saved bookmarks, or print the directory information for a single, specific bookmark

    showmarks 'foo'


You can change the location of the bookmarks file (default is $HOME/.bookmarks) by adding the environment variable 'BOOKMARKS_FILE' to your shell profile.

    export BOOKMARKS_FILE="foo/bar"

If you were expecting this to be a port of similarly named Bashmarks (by huyng), you can setup zshmarks to behave in roughly the same way by adding the following aliases to your shell setup files/dotfiles:

    alias g="jump"
    alias s="bookmark"
    alias d="deletemark"
    alias p="showmarks"
    alias l="showmarks"

(You can also omit the "l" alias, and just use p without an argument to show all bookmarks.)