Zsh Window Title

A zsh plugin for informative terminal window titles

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A zsh plugin for informative terminal window titles


  • Zsh



brew install olets/tap/zsh-window-title

With a shell plugin manager

  1. Install zsh-window-title with a zsh plugin manager. Each has their own way of doing things. See your package manager's documentation or the zsh plugin manager plugin installation procedures gist.

    After adding the plugin to the manager, restart zsh:

    exec zsh


  1. Download the latest zsh-window-title binary
  2. Either
    • Put the file zsh-window-title in a directory in your PATH and add source zsh-window-title to your ~/.zshrc file
    • Add source the/path/to/zsh-window-title to your ~/.zshrc file
  3. Restart zsh: shell exec zsh


Once zsh-window-title is installed, your terminal window title will be

  • <parent dir>/<current dir> when nothing's running
  • <parent dir>/<current dir> - <first word of last run command> when something's running

macOS Terminal.app users

By default macOS's Terminal app will control the window title. Disable that by:

Preferences > Profiles > Window > Title --> uncheck everything.

Oh-My-Zsh users

By default OMZ will control the terminal window title. Disable that by adding


to your ~/.zshrc file.


zwt restore-defaults
    (help | --help | -h)
    (version | --version | -v)
  • zwt restore-defaults Restore options to their defaults in the current session. See Options.
  • zwt (help | --help | -h) Show the manpage.
  • zwt (version | --version | -v) Print the command name and version.


Variable Type Default Use
ZSHWINDOWTITLE_DEBUG integer 0 If non-zero, print hook debugging messages
ZSHWINDOWTITLEDIRECTORYDEPTH integer 2 How many directory levels to display
ZWT_DEBUG integer 0 If non-zero, print CLI debugging messages


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