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Zsh Wakatime

ZSH plugin for wakatime

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ZSH plugin for wakatime

Automatic time tracking for commands in ZSH using wakatime.


It depends on wakatime CLI 6.0 or higher. Make sure you have configured wakatime API key in your ~/.wakatime.cfg file. If you use wakatime in other editors, this file may be already there.

  1. pip install wakatime to install wakatime CLI, with 6.0 or higher. Check wakatime CLI version by wakatime --version. See more here for wakatime CLI.

Project Detection

By default all actions logged by the ZSH plugin for wakatime are associated with the Terminal project, if you would like the plugin to attribute the project based on either git repository or the last accessed project then set ZSH_WAKATIME_PROJECT_DETECTION to true in your environment.

To enable:

  1. Edit your .zshrc
  2. Add the line export ZSH_WAKATIME_PROJECT_DETECTION=true at the top of the file.




WakaTime plugins share a common config file .wakatime.cfg located in your user home directory with these options available.


If you don't see any data while visiting, trying below to find out the problem:

  • Run ps | grep wakatime repeatedly as fast as possbile
  • You should notice process with command like wakatime --write --plugin zsh-wakatime/0.0.1 --entity-type app --project Terminal --entity ls
  • Copy that full command and execute in the terminal.
  • If any problem happens while running this command, please reference to for further troubleshootig.