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Zsh Systemd (le0me55i)

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Systemd plugin

The systemd plugin provides many useful aliases for systemd.

To use it, add systemd to the plugins array of your zshrc file:

plugins=(... systemd)


Alias Command Description
sc-list-units systemctl list-units List all units systemd has in memory
sc-is-active systemctl is-active Show whether a unit is active
sc-status systemctl status Show terse runtime status information about one or more units
sc-show systemctl show Show properties of units, jobs, or the manager itself
sc-help systemctl help Show man page of units
sc-list-unit-files systemctl list-unit-files List unit files installed on the system
sc-is-enabled systemctl is-enabled Checks whether any of the specified unit files are enabled
sc-list-jobs systemctl list-jobs List jobs that are in progress
sc-show-environment systemctl show-environment Dump the systemd manager environment block
sc-cat systemctl cat Show backing files of one or more units
sc-list-timers systemctl list-timers List timer units currently in memory
Aliases with sudo
sc-start sudo systemctl start Start Unit(s)
sc-stop sudo systemctl stop Stop Unit(s)
sc-reload sudo systemctl reload Reload Unit(s)
sc-restart sudo systemctl restart Restart Unit(s)
sc-try-restart sudo systemctl try-restart Restart Unit(s)
sc-isolate sudo systemctl isolate Start a unit and its dependencies and stop all others
sc-kill sudo systemctl kill Kill unit(s)
sc-reset-failed sudo systemctl reset-failed Reset the "failed" state of the specified units,
sc-enable sudo systemctl enable Enable unit(s)
sc-disable sudo systemctl disable Disable unit(s)
sc-reenable sudo systemctl reenable Reenable unit(s)
sc-preset sudo systemctl preset Reset the enable/disable status one or more unit files
sc-mask sudo systemctl mask Mask unit(s)
sc-unmask sudo systemctl unmask Unmask unit(s)
sc-link sudo systemctl link Link a unit file into the unit file search path
sc-load sudo systemctl load Load unit(s)
sc-cancel sudo systemctl cancel Cancel job(s)
sc-set-environment sudo systemctl set-environment Set one or more systemd manager environment variables
sc-unset-environment sudo systemctl unset-environment Unset one or more systemd manager environment variables
sc-edit sudo systemctl edit Edit a drop-in snippet or a whole replacement file with --full
sc-enable-now sudo systemctl enable --now Enable and start unit(s)
sc-disable-now sudo systemctl disable --now Disable and stop unit(s)
sc-mask-now sudo systemctl mask --now Mask and stop unit(s)

User aliases

You can use the above aliases as --user by using the prefix scu instead of sc. For example: scu-list-units will be aliased to systemctl --user list-units.