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oh-my-zsh plugin for saml2aws

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oh-my-zsh plugin for saml2aws



You do need the following installed. These are OSX defaults, so this should be no surprise.

  • python (2 or 3)
  • curl


This plugin is intended to be used with oh-my-zsh

  1. $ cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins (you may have to create the folder)
  2. $ git clone
  3. In your .zshrc, add zsh-saml2aws to your oh-my-zsh plugins:


  1. add zgen load onyxraven/zsh-saml2aws to your '!saved/save' block
  2. zgen update


This plugin is pretty simple - it provides:

  • aliases


Alias parameters description
sa saml2aws command shortcut alias
sal login to IDP (skips prompts by default)
sae \ \ execute a command as the profile
sash \ open a shell as the profile
salr list roles available to login as
sac Open a browser to the logged in AWS console
said output of aws sts get-caller-identity for assumed role (\$profile optional)

saml2aws configuration

ENV var example information
SAML2AWSLOGINSESSION_DURATION 43200 Length of time (seconds) the "root" federation session is available. This can be up to 12 hours.
SAML2AWSSESSIONDURATION 3600 Length of time (seconds) the role assume session is available. This will always be <= 1 hour.
SAML2AWS_MFA OLP Name of the MFA device to use. When unspecified, you will be prompted if there are many, and that is the string to put here. OneLogin Protect for example
SAML2AWS_ROLE arn:aws:iam::$ID:role/$ROLE ARN of the role to federate to. When unspecified, you will be prompted if there are many.
SAML2AWS_PROFILE saml aws cli profile (in ~/.aws/config) to use. saml by default.
SAML2AWS_URL http url to IDP, OneLogin for example.

script helper configuration

ENV var example information
AWSDEFAULTREGION us-east-1 Default console region
SAML2AWSPLBROWSER set the browser opened for sac. By default will use your system default browser if available.

sac - console login in private browsing window

This alias is currently only supported in OSX.

This alias will open a new browser window after getting the temporary login URL for your federated login.

You can specify a specific browser to handle your login URL by setting SAML2AWS_PL_BROWSER to the bundle name of the browser. By default, it will pick your default URL handler in MacOS. It supports the following browsers:

SAML2AWS_PL_BROWSER value Browser Description
org.mozilla.firefox Firefox Creates and/or opens a profile with the same name as your aws-vault profile. This allows for multiple profiles to be open simultaneously. Chrome Opens a new private browsing window for the session. This allows for multiple profiles to be open simultaneously.


  • [ ] list exec-profile names available (via ~/.aws/config)
  • [ ] login url to get directly to an assumed role
  • at least, to the 'share' url. must parse profile (python?)
  • [ ] exec without exec-profile ?
  • [ ] prompt segment
  • [ ] replace curl with python? or replace python.