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Zsh Plugin FZF Finder

An antigen plugin to have a cool search keybinding with fzf and (optionally) bat

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zsh plugin fzf finder

Shamelessly inspired from @ael-code zsh fasd plugin ;)

A zsh plugin to search in the local tree of subdirectories for files (just files! No directories nor links).

It is powered by fzf, and supports bat and fd (falling back to cat and find).

The quick jump functionality is bound on

- ALT-e to search and feed the result to the `$EDITOR`
- ALT-r to search and feed the result to the `$PAGER`

but can be overridden by exporting FZF_FINDER_EDITOR_BINDKEY and/or FZF_FINDER_PAGER_BINDKEY before sourcing



antigen bundle leophys/zsh-plugin-fzf-finder


zr load leophys/zsh-plugin-fzf-finder