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Zsh Plugin Appup

The command that can save you typing 15 characters or more, each time!

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The command that can save you typing 15 characters or more, each time!


This plugins adds start, restart, stop, up and down commands when it detects a docker-compose or Vagrant file in the current directory (e.g. your application). Just run up and get coding! This saves you typing docker-compose or vagrant every time or aliasing them. Also gives you one set of commands that work for both environments.


Aside from simply running up, you can also extend your configuration by running up <name>, which will run docker-compose with both docker-compose.yml and extend it with docker-compose.<name>.yml. For more on extending please see the official docker documentation. Additional arguments will be directly supplied to the docker-compose.


Vagrant doesn't have a down, restart, start or stop commands natively but don't worry, that's been taken care of and running those commands will actually run vagrant's equivalent commands. Additional arguments will be directly supplied to vagrant.

Command mapping

Command Vagrant command Docker command
up up up
down destroy down
start up start
restart reload restart
stop halt stop



  1. Clone this repository in $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/appup:
   git clone "$ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/appup"
  1. Edit ~/.zshrc and add appup to the list of plugins

Plain ZSH

  1. Clone this repository somewhere

  2. Edit your ~/.zshrc and add this line near the bottom of the file:

   source path/to/the/repository/appup.plugin.zsh


  1. Go to the directory where you cloned the plugin repository
  2. Run git pull origin master

Configuration options

AppUp has a few configuration options to customise its behaviour. Please make sure you define these in ~/.zshrc before you load any plugins.

Name Values Default Description
APPUPCHECKSTARTED true/false true Enable/disable checking if docker is running completely.
APPUPDOCKERMACHINE true/false true If both docker (e.g. Docker Desktop) and docker-machine are installed, check if docker-machine (when true) or docker (when false) is running.