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Zsh OSX AutoProxy

An oh-my-zsh plugin that configures proxy environment variables based on macOS's system preferences automatically

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After install the plugin and have proxy configured in System Prefrences, start a new terminal session and following environment variables will be set (if applicable):

  • http_proxy
  • https_proxy
  • ftp_proxy
  • all_proxy


If you install zsh-osx-autoproxy with Antigen, you need to remove antigen bundle sukkaw/zsh-osx-autoproxy to disable the plugin. If you install zsh-osx-autoproxy with oh-myzsh, you need to remove zsh-osx-autoproxy item from plugin array, then rm -rf ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/zsh-osx-autoproxy to remove the plugin.


zsh-osx-autoproxy © Sukka, Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Sukka with help from contributors (list).

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