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Zsh iTerm2 Utilities

Lightweight ZSH plugin (Zinit) to sync iTerm2 utilities

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The author of iTerm2 has moved shell integration to it's own smaller repo, so this plugin is not needed anymore.

If you're using Zinit you can achieve same results with the following snippet

zinit ice depth"1" \
  pick"shell_integration/zsh" if"[[ $+ITERM_PROFILE ]]"
zinit load gnachman/iTerm2-shell-integration

or better with zinit-annex-bin-gem-node

zinit ice depth"1" \
  pick"shell_integration/zsh" \
  sbin"utilities/*" if"[[ $+ITERM_PROFILE ]]"
zinit load gnachman/iTerm2-shell-integration

Simple, but smart ZSH plugin, helping to download various iTerm2 utilities. The plugin allows to omit clonning of the whole iterm2-website repository or relying to other repos, where those utilities may be out of sync.

This project utilizes GitHub actions to poll the original iterm2-website repo daily, then it takes sha256 checksum of all scripts in utilities directory and commits to this repository.

So, if utilities in iterm2-website master are updated, this repo gets updated to.

Zplugin allows to execute a special command at pull and clone (see snippet below), the plugin is using that opportunity to download all the utilities.

At ZSH init, only path will be extended.

Zinit (former Zplugin)

zinit ice as"command" pick"bin/*" atclone'./_utils/' \
  atpull'%atclone' if"[[ $+ITERM_PROFILE ]]"
zinit light decayofmind/zsh-iterm2-utilities

# functions
zinit snippet ''