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Zsh Hooks

Add zsh's missing hooks, and support for user-defined hooks

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ZSH Hooks


# Define a new hook that can be added to
hooks-define-hook <hook_variable_name>

# Run all functions added to the hook
hooks-run-hook <hook_variable_name>

# adds function to hook
# Options:
#   -d    remove from hook
#   -D    remove with pattern
# Everything else accepted by add-zsh-hook works... because it's the same
hooks-add-hook [ops] <hook_variable_name> <function>

As a more concrete example:

my-finish-function(){echo "zle line finished"}
hooks-add-hook zle_line_finish_hook my-finish-function

Note how _hook is appended to the function name, and all - characters are replaced with _.

To define custom hooks, do something like this:

hooks-define-hook myhook
  echo running myfunc
hooks-add-hook myhook_hook myfunc
# then in whatever function you want the hook to run:
hooks-run-hook myhook_hook

Why is _hook appended to the name? Because I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I made that API.


That's right. hooks-add-hook is shamelessly taken from add-zsh-hook, and modified to be able to run on user defined hooks.

Why is this important?

Because ZSH has defined certain magic functions such as zle-line-init and zle-keymap-select that, if defined are run, but which can only have one definition.

The answer: define it to be a function that simply runs a hook.

So this plugin provides:

  • zle_line_init_hook - these functions run on line init!
  • zle_keymap_select_hook - these functions run when you switch your keymap!
  • similar to the previous two, all of the other special functions documented here, except the history one, due to a bug.
  • $ZSH_CUR_KEYMAP - this variable is set on line init/keymap change!


Plugin authors might want to use this functionality, but if they do it will conflict with what end-users do. This can solve that problem. Basically this is made to be a dependency for other plugins.



zinit load zsh-hooks/zsh-hooks


zgen load zsh-hooks/zsh-hooks


zplug zsh-hooks/zsh-hooks


antigen bundle zsh-hooks/zsh-hooks